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Hood Rat

Hood Rat Fly Tying Video Instructions

Hood Rat Mouse Streamer Fly Tying VideoThe Hood Rat is a life-like mouse pattern used for Large Trout, Bass, Pike and Musky.  The Hood Rat uses high floating foam, combined with natural rabbit fur to give this fly both natural movement and exceptional “fishability”.   The Hood Rat wakes, gurgles and “pops” across the surface when retrieved.  Perfect for big, aggressive fish!  Best when fished at night and near dusk.

Hood Rat Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-10  Tiemco 8089 >>
Thread: Black UTC 140 >>
Tail: Brown or Tan Ultra Chenille >>
Body, Belly and Back: Tan 2MM Foam >>
Legs/Side: Chinchilla or Grizzly Zonker Rabbit Strips >>
Glue: ZapAGap and Foam Safe ZapAGap >>

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