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Hornberg Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Hornberg is classic trout fly pattern that can be used either as a dry fly or as a streamer.  The Hornberg is often dead drifted with the current, then let “swing” at the end of the drift and stripped back.  Now a-days the Hornberg is favorite fly among fisherman for high country brook trout.  The Hornberg can be tied in a “wet” or “dry” style.  In this video we tie the fly in the “dry” style.  The Hornberg is thought to imitate a hopper on the surface or a small minnow under the surface.  Either way, it is a very versatile fly here in the west and a great old school pattern to have in your box!

Hornberg Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08-12 Tiemco 5262
Thread: Black UNI 8/0 or Veevus 8/0
Body: Large Gold/Silver Mylar Tinsel
Underwing: Yellow Calf Tail
Overwing: Natural Mallard Flank
Eyes: Jungle Cock
Hackle: Grizzly and Brown or 2 Dark Barred Ginger Whiting High and Dry Rooster Cape

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