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Hot Wire Prince Nymph

Hot Wire Prince Nymph Fly Tying Instructions

The Hot Wire Prince Nymph is a great attractor pattern.  The Hot Wire Prince Nymph blends a Copper John and a Prince Nymph together.  The best of both worlds!  Both are incredibly effective flies and the combination of the two is even better.  The Hot Wire Prince Nymph can be tied in whatever color you like, that is the beauty of the Hot Wire Prince.  I like to use two contrasting colors.  This makes the fly really pop in the water.  Red incorporated into the fly always seems to work well, especially for brown trout.  The Hot Wire Prince can be tied in a variety of size from #10-18 and the bead color can also be changed.

Hot Wire Prince Nymph Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #10-18 Tiemco 3761>>
Thread: Black UTC 70>>
Tail: Brown Turkey Biots>>
Body: Two Different Colors of Ultra Wire>>
Thorax: Peacock Herl>>
Collar: Brown Hackle>>
Wing: White Turkey Biots>>

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