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Jiggy Common Craw

Jiggy Common Craw Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Jiggy Common Craw is a jigged version of the standard common craw, with a few tweaks.  The Jiggy Common Craw is a great small carp fly, but is also proving to be deadly for trout and smallmouth bass as well.  The Jiggy Common Craw fits the profile of a small crayfish or mini sculpin.  The pine squirrel material on the sides of the fly adds the “life” to the pattern and breath with the smallest movements of the fly.  Furry foam was added to the top and bottom of the fly for added durability and profile to the fly.  The furry foam “bulks” up the fly and gives it a more cray-fishy appearance.  This is one micro streamer pattern you must have in your box!!

Jiggy Common Craw Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: Hanak H480BL #6 Hook
Bead: 3/16 Black Tungsten Slotted Bead
Thread: Veevus Brown 8/0 Thread
Tail: Grizzly Olive Chickabou or Mini Marabou
Body/Belly: Moss Green and Light Olive Furry Foam
Legs: Rust Zonker Pine Squirrel