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Jujubaetis Fly Tying Video Instructions

JujuBaetis Fly Tying Pattern and RecipeThe Jujubaetis is a highly realistic mayfly nymph and/or midge pattern. The Jujubaetis is one of the most innovative and creative flies invented (By Charlie Craven) in the past 10 years.  Most commonly tied from sizes #16-22.  The Jujubaetis can be fished deep or in the surface film.  A Tungsten Bead can also be added to the Jujubaetis and used to add weight to the fly.  The Jujubaetis can be tied in Purple, Brown (BWO), Orange (PMD) or Olive.  The Jujubaetis is one of my personal favorites!

Jujubaetis Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #16-22 Tiemco 2488>>
Thread Body: White UTC 70>>
Thread Thorax: Black UTC 70>>
Casing1: Fluorofiber >>
Casing2: Medium Pearlescent Tinsel>>
Legs: Fluorofiber >>
Body: 1 Black and 2 Brown Fibers of Slinky Fiber >>
Tail: Partridge>>

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