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Killer Mayfly

Killer Mayfly Fly Tying Instructions

Killer Mayfly Fly PatternThe Killer Mayfly is a extremely deadly mayfly nymph pattern.  The Killer Mayfly has a near perfect silhouette and shape of a small mayfly nymph.  The Killer Mayfly can be tied in many different colors to imitate specific mayfly species.  The best colors are black/olive (BWO), brown/brown (baetis/general mayfly), and yellow/sulfur yellow (PMD).  The Killer Mayfly can be tied in sizes #16-22.  The Killer Mayfly is normally fished on a traditional nymph rig and fished near the bottom.

Killer Mayfly Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #18 Tiemco 200R>>
Thread: Black UTC 70>>
Tail: Mayfly Tails>>
Body: Black Micro Tubing>>
Casing: Tan 1/8″ Scud Back>>
Thorax: Olive Superfine Dubbing>>
Legs: Partridge>>

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