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Krystal Bugger

Krystal Bugger Fly Tying Instructions

The Krystal Woolly Bugger is a variation of the traditional Woolly Bugger Streamer.  The Krystal Bugger is tied the same way and Ice Chenille is substituted for the body material.  This adds flash and a bit of bulk to the fly.  The Krystal Bugger can be tied in may different colors.  Black, Pearl, Olive, Red, Orange and Brown are the best and most used colors.  The Krystal Bugger is a great fly for a beginner or intermediate to tackle.  The large size and simple materials list make it a great introduction into tying steamer flies.

Krystal Bugger Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook:#04-10 Tiemco 5262
Thread: UTC 140>>
Tail: Marabou>>
Rib: UTC Brassie Wire>>
Body: Ice Chenille>>
Hackle: Woolly Bugger Hackle>>

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