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Lawson’s No Hackle

Lawson’s No Hackle PMD Dry Fly Tying Video Instructions

Lawsons No Hackle PMD Mayfly Fly Tying DirectionsThe Lawson’s No Hackle is one of the most effective dry flies ever invented and one of my favorites!  The Lawson’s No Hackle rides flush on the water and has large pronounced wings, just as the natural mayfly does.  The No Hackle can be tied in a variety of sizes and colors.  Most common colors are Yellow (Pale Morning Dun), Olive (Blue Winged Olive), Black (Trico), Brown (Rusty Spinner and Gray (General Mayfly).  The Lawson’s No Hackle is a very delicate fly, and is usually only good for a fish or two.  The wings are easily damaged, but the fly will often fish well even after the wings have begun to split.  Make no mistake, this is one deadly dry fly and do not leave home without a couple dozen in the fly box!

Lawson’s No Hackle PMD Dry Fly Recipe:
Hook: #10-22 Tiemco 100 >>
Thread: Cream UTC 70 >>
Tail: White Mayfly Tails >>
Body: Pale Yellow or PMD Superfine Dubbing >>
Wing: Mallard Wing Feathers >>
Head: Pale Yellow or PMD Superfine Dubbing >>

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