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Lightsaber Pinfish

Lightsaber Pinfish Fly Tying Video Instructions –

The last beach snook or dock light fly you’ll ever need. With that wider baitfish profile and shimmering scaled body, it works a hypnosis on snook they cannot ignore. Grab the pinfish for its redfish counterpart and have the benefits of the gold spoon with ease of casting an unweight baitfish. The Lightsaber excels in both clean and dirty water, and is a great choice for blind casting mangrove shorelines as well.

Lightsaber Pinfish Fly Tying Recipe:
Polar Flash – Gold Pearl 
Polar Flash – Pearl 
Polar Flash Glow – Hot Orange 
Pseudo Hair – Sand 
Danville Thread – Orange 
Jurassic Eyes 1/4″ – Pearl/Orange Black Pupil  
Zap Gel 

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