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Megalolipop HD

Megalolipop HD Fly Tying Video Instructions

We all have favorites, this is ours. The true go-to. It’s the first and last pattern on our lines for damn near every trip out. A mullet like profile that pushes a lot of water makes it an amazingly effective tarpon fly. In reality, it’s an amazing everything fly. It’s extremely durable, extremely lively in the water, and you should be extremely concerned with how many you have left in your fly box.

Megalolipop HD Fly Tying Recipe:
Medium cactus chenille – Red
Black bared chartreuse over yellow magnum zonker strips
UV polar chenille – Chartreuse
Arctic fox – Chartreuse
EP 1.5″ foxy brush – Yellow
Medium bead chain eyes – Black
Danville 210 denier thread – Green
Zap gel