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Deer Hair Megalolipop

Deer-Hair Megalolipop Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Megalolipop is a proven winner. A small, cigar shaped minnow that imitates so many tasty morsels swimming in the back country. It is a level, straight tracking fly that gets under that surface and tracks on an arrow. That is a very important quality when targeting fish that “swipe” and eat. This a very effective pattern in a very broad range of fishing my situations.

Deer-Hair Megalolipop Fly Tying Recipe:
Medium Cactus Chenille- Red
Large Northern Buck Tail- Fuchsia
Medium Palmer Chenille- Purple
Arctic Fox Tail- Black
Deer Belly Hair- Purple
Lead Eyes- Double Pupil, Extra Small, Pink
Danville 210 Flat Wax Thread- Black
Zap Gel