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Meko Special

Meko Special Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Meko Special is a great little bonefish fly developed by Omeko Glinton.  The Meko Special works great on all flats species including Redfish, Sheephead and Permit.  The Meko Special imitates a small shrimp and can be tied with either beadchain or lead eyes depending on the depth of the water.  The Meko Special is extremely easy to tie, this makes it great for beginners.  The Meko is also great for guides.  They are fast and cheap to tie.  Making the Meko a go to pattern for many saltwater anglers!!

Meko Special Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04-08 Tiemco 811S
Eyes: Large Nickel Beadchain Eyes or Brass Eyes
Thread: Shell Pink UTC 140
Tail: Shrimp or Sand Pseudo Hair or Polar Fiber
Flash: Pearl or Pink Krystal Flash
UnderBody: Shrimp or Sand Pseudo Hair or Polar Fiber
Body: Brown Whiting High and Dry Rooster Cape
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap

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