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Mighty Mite Baetis – Sloan’s

Sloan’s Mighty Mite Baetis Fly Tying Video Instructions

Sloan's Mighty Mite Baetis Fly tyingThe Mighty Mite Baetis is a killer little Baetis Nymph developed by Dave Sloan.  The Mighty Mite Baetis was developed to imitate a small and delicate BWO or Baetis Nymph.  The Mighty Mite Baetis can be fished deep on a nymph rig, or as a dropper below a dry fly.  The Mighty Mite Baetis is most commonly tied in either Olive or Brown, but your imagination can take over and the sky is the limit!  Other productive patterns are Yellow, Purple, Red and Black.  Give one of these buggy little critters a try!

Sloan’s Mighty Mite Baetis Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-20 Tiemco 2487 >>
Bead: 1/16″-3/32″ Cyclops Bead >>
Thread: Olive UTC 70 >>
Tail: Pheasant Tail >>
Body: Medium Pearlescent Tinsel >>
Body2: Small Olive D-Rib >>
Thorax: Peacock Herl >>
Wingcase: Black or Mottled FINO Skin >>
Legs: Black Krystal Flash >>
Optional Glue: Loon Fly Finish Thick >>
Optional Curing Light: UV Laser >> or Loon Powerlight >>

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