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Mini Hot Garcia’s

Garcia’s Mini Hot Fly Tying Video Instructions

Mini Hot Fly Tying Caddis Dry FlyThe Mini Hot is a fly developed by Greg Garcia (inventor of the Rojo Midge) and is a incredible small caddis or stonefly imitation.  The Mini Hot fishes very well in fast and shallow riffles or pockets.  The bright color and flashy appearance will really get fish’s attention.  The Mini Hot is not just a bright and loud fly, it still has a incredibly life like profile and bugginess about it.  Making is a great fly for western freestone and caddis laden rivers!!  Give it a try!

Garcia’s Mini Hot Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #12-20 Tiemco 200R >>
Thread: Fl. Chartreuse UTC 70 >>
Body: Clear Micro Tubing >> or Midge Tubing >>
Hot Spot: Red Flashabou >>
Underwing: Pearl Ice Dub Dubbing >>
Over Wing: Bleached Elk Hair >>
Hackle: Brown Whiting Rooster Cape >> or Brown Whiting 100 Pack >>
Thorax: Caddis Green Ice Dub Dubbing >>

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