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Moss Fly

Grass Carp Moss Fly Tying Instructions

The Moss Fly is the fly for Grass Carp.  Grass Carp feed on vegetation and insects.  The Moss Fly perfectly imitates the grass, moss and weeds that Grass Carp feed on.  The Moss Fly is best fished super slow.  A slight twitch is all you need to get the fish’s attention.  The Grass Carp Moss Fly can be tied weighted or unweighted, depending on the depth the fish are cruising at.  Although unweighted flies are the most commonly used for Grass Carp.  The Moss Fly can be tied in different shades of olive, to imitate the local vegetation in different lakes and ponds.

Grass Carp Moss Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08 Tiemco 2457>>
Thread: Olive UTC 140>>
Body: Green Ultra Chenille>>
Collar: Olive Mini Marabou>>

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