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Near Nuff Crayfish

Near Nuff Crayfish Fly Tying Video Instructions

Near Nuff Crayfish Fly Tying Recipe Carp Bass PatternThe Near Nuff Crayfish is a super realistic crayfish pattern that works on Smallmouth Bass, Common Carp, Trout and Largemouth Bass.  The Near Nuff Crayfish is such a versatile pattern and can be tied in many different colors and variations.  The Near Nuff Crayfish is one of my go to carp flies, when I need a heavy crayfish pattern that gets down quick.  The Near Nuff Crayfish is also a favorite among many for Smallmouth Bass as well.  The Near Nuff Crayfish can be fished on the strip, on the drop or twitched on the bottom.  Either way, it catches fish!

Near Nuff Crayfish Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04-08 Tiemco 5263 >>
Thread: Dark Brown UTC 140 >>
Lead Eyes: Black and Red Pupil Pseudo Eyes >>
Antenna1: Black Life Flex >>
Antenna2: Pearl Krystal Flash >>
Antenna3: Pumpkin Barred and Speckled Crazy Legs >>
Realistic Eyes: Black Epoxy Mono Eyes >>
Mouth Parts: Tan Zonker Rabbit >>
Claws: Crawfish Orange India Hen Back >>
Body1: Nearnuff Crayfish Nat. Orange Dave Whitlock SLF Dubbing >>
Body2: Hot Orange Grizzly Soft Hackle >>
Tail: Tan Zonker Rabbit >>

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