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No Name Damsel

No Name Damsel Nymph Fly Tying Video Instructions

no-name-damsel-fly-tying-instructionsThe No Name Damsel Nymph is a great lake and stillwater fly pattern.  The No Name Damsel is perfect for trout, bass and carp.  The No Name Damsel is meant to be fished on the move.  The No Name Damsel can be fished, shallow or deep and fast or slow.  Have fun with it!

No Name Damsel Nymph Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #10-14 Tiemco 5262 >>
Tail1: Brown Woolly Bugger Marabou >>
Body: Olive Woolly Bugger Marabou >>
Rib: 3-4X RIO Mono >>
Head: Damsel Nymph Olive SLF Dubbing >>
Eyes: 16LB RIO Hard Mono >>

Also Used In This Fly Tying Video:
Bobbin: Marc Petitjean Bobbin >>
Vise: HMH Standard C-Clamp Fly Tying Vise >>
Scissors: Micro Tip Scissors >>

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