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Ostrich Mysis

Ostrich Mysis Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Ostrich Mysis is a simple, but very effective mysis shrimp pattern.  Mysis shrimp are the food source for huge trout in many western tailwaters.  Mysis shrimp are extremely high in protein, allowing fish to grow massive.  If you are visiting a tailwater where mysis shrimp are present, then make sure you have some of these before you leave!!

Ostrich Mysis Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-22 Tiemco 200R
Thread: White Veevus 14/0
Eyes: X-Small Mono Eyes
Tail: White McFlylon
Tail2: Pearl Mirage Flashabou
Body: White Ostrich Herl
Ribbing: Pearl Mirage Flashabou

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