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Parachute Adams

Parachute Adams Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Parachute Adams is arguably the most effective dry fly ever invented.  The Parachute Adams imitates a mayfly adult or cripple mayfly.  The reason a Parachute Adams works so well is because the parachute hackle allows for the fly to sit flush to the water, making the fly look more realistic to the fish.  The Parachute Adams can be tied in any size.  Most fly fishers use a Size #14-18, but it can be tied from size #10-26.

Parachute Adams Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #10-26 Tiemco 100
Thread: UTC 70
Tail: Hackle
Body: Gray Superfine Dubbing
Hackle: Dark Barred Ginger Whiting Rooster Cape >> or Whiting 100
Post: Calf Body Hair

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