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Parachute Damsel Fly

Parachute Damsel Fly Tying Instructions

The Parachute Damsel Foam Dry Fly is an amazing pattern.  Damsel dry flies are largely underrated by fisherman.  Many people do not and/or have never used one!  This is the best damsel dry fly pattern that I have been able to find.  It floats well and has the perfect profile and silhouette.  Though it is lacking the realistic wings, the fish do not seem to care!  The Parachute Damsel Foam Dry Fly casts much better than it’s realistic counter part and actually seems to catch more fish too!  It can be tied in several different colors.  Blue, Olive and Tan are the best natural colors to tie the pattern in.

Parachute Damsel Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14 Umpqua C500BL>>
Thread: UTC 70>>
Tail: Adult Damsel Body
Body: 2MM Foam>>
Legs: Hackle>>
Body Casing: White 2MM Foam>>

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