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Paul’s BMF

Paul’s BMF Fly Tying Video Instructions –

Captain Paul Nocifora’s fly of choice. The B-M-F is a great snook and redfish fly. It’s a larger pattern when compared to the rest of the baitfish patterns we offer, however being unweighted it is very easy to throw. It is a very effective back water fly but may be most well utilized fishing huge snook in super shallow water on those cold winter mornings. A larger meal means more calories for the already hungry predator. Give her a reason to get off the couch and go dancing. Side note, BMF stands for……exactly what you think it stands for.

BMF Fly Tying Recipe (Natural Color):
Marabou (Extra Select) – Hot Orange   
Ostrich Herl – Tan 
Ep Foxy Brush 3″- Tan 
Danville 210 Thread – Grey 
Jurassic Eyes 1/4″ – Pearl/Orange Black Pupil 
Zap Gel