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PMD Pheasant Tail

PMD Pheasant Tail Fly Tying Instructions

PMD Pheasant Tail NymphThe PMD Pheasant Tail is a simple fly to tie.  The PMD (Pale Morning Dun) Pheasant Tail is almost the same as a standard Pheasant Tail.  The Natural Pheasant Tail is substituted for Ginger Pheasant Tail and the thorax is dubbing instead of peacock herl.  A simple and effective fly that many people do not even consider tying.  Give it a try.  It works!

PMD Pheasant Tail Fly Recipe:
Hook: #12-18 Tiemco 3769>>
Thread: Tan UTC 70>>
Tail: Ginger Pheasant Tail>> (6-8 Fibers)
Body: Ginger Pheasant Tail>> (6-8 Fibers)
Rib: Small Copper Wire>>
Casing: Ginger Pheasant Tail>> (6-8 Fibers)
Thorax: Amber Superfine Dubbing>>
Legs: Ginger Pheasant Tail>> (1 Fiber Each Leg)

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