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Poxyback Callibaetis

Poxyback Callibaetis Fly Tying Video Directions

Poxyback Callibaetis Fly Tying DirectionsThe Poxyback Callibaetis is one of the best Western Stillwater Trout Flies.  The Poxyback Callibaetis imitates the free swimming Callibaetis Nymph.  The Poxyback Callibaetis is one of my personal favorite stillwater flies here in Colorado, especially for Spinney Reservoir!  Fish the Poxyback Callibaetis on a clear intermediate sinking line.  Retrieve with a slow to medium steady pace.  Callibaetis live in the weeds and muddy bottoms of lakes and reservoirs, usually in 3-15 feet of water.

Poxyback Callibaetis Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #10-18 Tiemco 200R >>
Thread: Olive UTC 70 >>
Tail: Light Gray Ostrich Herl >>
Body: Scud Shrimp Olive Whitlock SLF Dubbing >>
Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash >>
Casing: Pheasant Tail >>
Gills: Fibers from base of Partridge Feather >>
Thorax: Scud Shrimp Olive Whitlock SLF Dubbing >>
Legs: Partridge Feather >>
Poxyback: Loon UV Fly Finish >> or Clear Cure Goo Brushable >>
Curing Light: UV Curing Laser >> or Clear Cure Goo Light >>

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