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Poxyback Microstone

Poxyback Microstone Stonefly Nymph Fly Tying Video Instructions

Poxyback Microstone Stonefly Nymph Mike MercerThe Poxyback Microstone is pattern pioneered by Mike Mercer and is a favorite fly among western fly fishing guides!  The Poxyback Microstone is a ultra realistic stonefly nymph pattern and can be tied in many sizes and colors in order to imitate specific stonefly species.  The Poxyback Microstone is meant to be nymphed on the bottom, with a traditional nymph rig and weight to get it down.  The Poxyback Microstone is no easy pattern to tie, although with a little practice, even the intermediate fly tier can tackle this pattern!

Poxyback Microstone Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08-18 Tiemco 3761 >>
Thread: Brown UTC 70 >>
Bead: Gold Cyclops Bead >>
Antenna: Prince Nymph Brown Goose Biots >>
Lead: Flattened .015-.025 Lead Wire >>
Tail1: Stonefly Brown Whitlock SLF Dubbing Blend >>
Tail2: Prince Nymph Brown Goose Biots >>
Body: Brown Turkey Biot >>
Thorax: Stonefly Brown Whitlock SLF Dubbing Blend >>
Casing: Pheasant Tail >>
Legs: Natural India Hen Back >>
Poxyback: Loon UV Fly Finish >> or Clear Cure Goo Tack Free >>
Curing Light: UV Curing Laser >> or Clear Cure Goo Light >>

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