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Purple Haze

Purple Haze Fly Tying Video Instructions

Purple Haze Parachute Fly Tying RecipeThe Purple Haze is a simple variation of the traditional Parachute Adams.  The Purple Haze uses Purple Life Flex for the body, but other colors may be used to imitate other types of mayflies.  Life Flex is a semi-translucent material, which looks much more life like than dubbing.  The Purple Haze is mainly used as a attractor pattern, but when tied in Olive or PMD, it make a killer imitation for picky trout!

Purple Haze Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #10-18 Tiemco 100 >>
Thread: Brown UTC 70 >>
Tail: Brown Hackle Fibers >>
Body: Purple Life Flex >>
Wing Post: White Calf Body Hair >>
Hackle: Brown and Grizzly Hackle >>

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