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Ray Charles

Ray Charles Fly Tying Instructions

The Ray Charles is an easy and effective fly to tie.  The Ray Charles is most often used in tailwater rivers with heavy scud and sowbug populations.  The most popular colors to tie the Ray Charles in are grey and tan, but it is often tied in orange and pink (in order to imitate a dying sow bug).

The Ray Charles uses ostrich herl in order to give it the “leggy” appearance the sowbug has.  Sowbug are a very flat and wide bug, with legs sticking out of the side of the bug.  A bright head is always used on the Ray Charles along with flashback material over the back.  This allows for the fish to find the Ray Charles easily in the water.  A great fly if you are ever traveling up to the Bighorn River!


Ray Charles Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-18 Tiemco 3761>>
Thread: Fl. Fire Orange UTC 70>>
Body: Ostrich Herl>>
Casing: Medium Flashback Material>>

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