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Razor Foam Caddis

Razor Foam Caddis Fly Tying Instructions

How to tie a Elk Hair Razor Foam Caddis. The Razor Foam Caddis is a huge improvement over the traditional Elk Hair Caddis. The Razor Foam Body gives the fly a more life like look, adds color and most importantly allows the fly to float much longer. The Razor Foam Elk Hair Caddis is the perfect fly for small creeks. Durable, super floaty and easy to see, brook trout just eat them up.

Elk Hair Razor Foam Caddis Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #12-18 Tiemco 100>>
Thread: Black UTC 70>>
Wing: Bleached Elk Hair>>
Body: Black Micro Thin Foam>>
Legs: Black Dry Fly Hackle>>

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