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Schmidtinator Fly Tying Video Instructions

A custom request turned standard issue.The Schmidtinator is a slight mash up on the megalolipop HD but tweaked for big gold fish instead of big silver fish. If big high floating pumpkins near the French quarter is what you desire, roll up this fishy crêpe and pop a beignet or three. You’re going to need the calories for that game of tug-a-war.

Schmidtinator Fly Tying Recipe:
Medium cactus chenille – Red
Black bared chartreuse over yellow magnum zonker strips
UV polar chenille
Arctic fox – Chartreuse
EP 1.5″ foxy brush – Yellow
Medium bead chain eyes – Black
(Or choice lead eyes)
2 tone sili legs
Danville 210 denier thread – Green