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Shot Glass Baetis

Shot Glass Baetis Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Shot Glass Baetis is fly developed by Shea Gunkel. The Shot Glass Baetis combines a life like profile with some “buggy” translucent materials. The Shot Glass Baetis can be tied in many different colors, with Red, Olive, Brown and White being some of the most popular. The bead in the Shot Glass Baetis can also be traded out for other colors. But a red bead in the thorax is my favorite!

Shot Glass Baetis Recipe:
Hook: #14-18 Tiemco 2499SPBL
Thread: White UTC 70 and Black 14/0 Veevus
Tail: Natural India Hen Back
Rib: Black Superhair
Thorax: Red Small Glass Bead
Casing1: Medium Pearl Flashback
Casing2: White Fluorofibre
Legs: White Fluorofibre
Glue: Thick Loon UV Fly Finish

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