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Slumpbuster Streamer Fly Tying Instructions

The Slumpbuster is a deadly streamer for both trout and bass.  The Slumpbuster is made to imitate a leech or small baitfish.  Similar to the traditional Zonker, the Slumpbuster uses finer Pine Squirrel Hair for the fly.  The Pine Squirrel has less bulk and is super soft, so it moves very well in the water.  The Slumpbuster can be tied much smaller than it’s Zonker cousin.  Slumpbusters can be very effective down in sizes 10 and 12.  The Slumpbuster can be tied in any color.  Olive, Black, Rust and Natural are the most commonly used colors.

Slumpbuster Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #06-12 Tiemco 5262>>
Thread: UTC 140>>
Head: Conehead>>
Weight: .020 Lead Wire>>
Body: Gold Flat Diamond Braid>>
Rib: Wire>>
Tail: Pine Squirrel Zonker
Collar: Pine Squirrel Zonker

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