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Snookie Shrimp

Snookie Shrimp Fly Tying Instructions

Snookie Shrimp Snook Fly Tying Fly PatternThe Snookie Shrimp is a killer snook fly.  Especially in the mangroves and backcountry.  The Snookie Shrimp is designed to imitate a adult shrimp, one of Snook’s favorite meals!  The Snookie Shrimp can be tied in many sizes and colors, although tan in a size #01-02 seems to work best.  The Snookie Shrimp does not only work on Snook, it also works great on Baby Tarpon and Redfish.

Snookie Shrimp Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #1/0-04 Tiemco 811S >>
Thread: Pink UTC 140 >>
Eyes: Medium Bead Chain >>
Tail: Tan Pseudo Hair >>
Flash: Copper Krystal Flash >>
Legs: Tan Barred Crazy Legs >>
Body: Brown and Grizzly Saddle Hackle >>
Glue: Loon UV Fly Finish >>
Color: Loon White Pearlescent Powder >>
Mixing Device: Loon Mixing Cup >>
Curing Light: Loon UV Powerlight >>

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