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Sprout Midge

Sprout Midge Fly Tying Video Instructions

Sprout Midge Fly Tying Recipe and InstructionsThe Sprout Midge is one of the most effective midge dry fly patterns out there.  The Sprout Midge is tied on a 2487 curved hook.  This allows for the back portion of the fly and the trailing shuck to remain submerged.  Giving it the appearance of being trapped and emerging out of the surface film.  The Sprout Midge can be tied in many different colors.  Black and Cream are the most common and the ones that anglers use the most.  The Sprout can be tied in sizes #18 all the way down to #24.

Sprout Midge Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #18-24 Tiemco 2487 >>
Thread: Cream UTC 70 >>
Tail: White or Cream Antron Yarn >>
Body: Cream UTC 70 >>
Post: White 2MM Thin Foam >>
Hackle: Cream Dry Fly Hackle >>

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