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Bonefish Squimp Fly Tying Video Instructions

sqiump-thumbThe Bonefish Squimp is a deadly little bonefish fly. The Squimp very closely imitates a small shrimp, which is the main forage for any bonefish. The Squimp can be tied in many color variations, but the traditional tan is the most popular and the most effective. The Squimp can be tied with heavy or light eyes, depending on the depth of the flat and the spookiness of the fish. The Squimp is an absolute must have bonefish fly for any flat fisherman!

Squimp Recipe:
Hook: #04-08 Tiemco 811S or Tiemco 800S
Thread: Tan UNI 6/0
Eyes: Medium or Large Lead Eyes or Hareline Double Pupil Eyes
Tail: Tan Pseudo Hair or Craft Fur
Legs: Tan Loco Legs
Body: Tan Scud Dub or Tan Antron Dubbing
Collar: Tan Pseudo Hair or Craft Fur
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash

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