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Stalcup’s Emergent Cripple Dun

Stalcup’s Emergent Cripple Dun Fly Tying Video Instructions

Stalcup's Emergent Cripple Dun Fly Tying Video InstructionsThe Stalcup’s Emergent Cripple Dun is a great cripple pattern.  The Emergent Cripple Dun imitates a crippled mayfly as it is emerging and morphing into a dry fly.  Stalcup has a entire line of flies, and they imitate every stage of a mayfly.  And the Emergent Cripple Dun is the perfect imitation for those cripples who are struggling to make it as a dry fly!  Visit Herman’s 3D Fly Library – Fly Tying

Stalcup’s Emergent Cripple Dun Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-18 Tiemco 2487 >>
Thread: UNI 17/0 >>
Tail: Cream or White Sparkle Emerger Yarn >>
Body: Olive Brown Small Vinyl D-Rib >>
Thorax1: Adams Gray Superfine Dubbing >>
Underwing: UV Tan Ice Dub Dubbing >>
Hackle: Dun Whiting Hen Cape >>
Wing: Light or Medium Dun Medallion Sheeting >>

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