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Tak’s Baetis Emerger

Tak’s Baetis Emerger Fly Tying Video Instructions

Tak's Baetis Emerger Mayfly Fly Tying RecipeThe Tak’s Baetis Emerger is a great Mayfly and Blue Winged Olive Emerger Pattern.  The Tak’s Baetis Emerger uses CDC and a White Loop Wing to trap air bubbles as the fly swings through the current.  This gives the Tak’s Baetis Emerger the look of a insect emerging to the surface.  The Tak’s Baetis Emerger can be tied in many different colors.  Olive is my favorite, but Brown, Tan, Yellow and Black are also effective colors.  Give it a try!

Tak’s Baetis Emerger Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #16-22 Tiemco 200R >>
Thread: Olive UTC 70 >>
Tail: Light Brown Antron Yarn >>
Body: Olive Micro Tubing >>
Wing: White McFlylon >>
Thorax: Olive Superfine Dubbing >>
Legs1: Natural Dun CDC Oiler Puff >>
Legs2: Light Brown Antron Yarn >>

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