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Tarpon Toad

Tarpon Toad Fly Tying Video Instructions

Tarpon Toad Fly Tying Video InstructionsThe Tarpon Toad has rapidly become one of “THE” flies for Tarpon.  The Tarpon Toad was developed by Gary Merriman and tarpon fishing has never been the same since.  The Tarpon Toad in this video has been tied with no flash (that is how I prefer them), but they can be tied with a couple strands of krystal flash in the tail.  Also, the toad in this video was tied with with the rabbit strip right side up.  I have always tied them this way and prefer that style.  The developer, Gary Merriman, initially tied the toad with the rabbit strip tied upside down.  The Tarpon Toad is most commonly tied in Chartreuse, but many other color variations (Black and Purple) have been introduced to the fly fishing scene.  Do not leave on a Tarpon trip without them!!

Tarpon Toad Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #1/0 Owner AKI >>
Thread: Chartreuse UTC 140 >>
Tail:  FL. Chartreuse Rabbit Strip >> (Can be tied Upside Down or Right Side Up)
Flash (Optional): Pearl Krystal Flash >>
Collar: 2 Plumes FL. Chartreuse Marabou >>
Body: Chartreuse Green EP Fibers>>
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap>>
Eyes: Large Black Mono Eyes >>

Also Used In This Fly Tying Video:
Bobbin: Marc Petitjean Bobbin >>
Vise: Regal Medallion Vise >>
Scissors: DR Slick Hair Scissors >>
Whip Finisher: Umpqua Rotating Whip Finisher >>

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