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Tellico Nymph

Tellico Nymph Fly Tying Video Instructions

tellico-nymph-fly-tying-instructionsThe Tellico Nymph is a classic nymph pattern developed in Eastern Tennessee. The Tellico Nymph has remained popular in the East, but also makes a great attractor pattern here in the West for trout. Many anglers have adopted the Tellico as their “go to” Bluegill pattern. Slowly stripped and twitched, the Tellico Nymph is deadly on Bluegill!

Tellico Nymph Recipe:
Hook: #08-12 Tiemco 3761
Thread: Black 14/0 Veevus
Tail: Natural Mallard or Wood Duck
Casing: Turkey Feather
Body: Yellow Floss
Rib: Peacock and Small Copper Wire
Collar: Brown Whiting Hen Saddle

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