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Trico Dun

Trico Dun Fly Tying Video Instructions

Trico Dun Mayfly Fly Tying RecipeThe Trico Dun is a great early morning dry fly.  Tricos, at least here in the west, hatch early in the morning and the Dun stage is the first stage of the mayfly.  Fish this pattern before the spinner fall, usually very early in the morning!  The Trico Dun is a fairly easy and straight forward fly to tie.  The hardest part is getting the wings to sit properly, as can be seen with me struggling in the video!  The Trico Dun is normally tied very small, typically in a size #18-26.

Trico Dun Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #18-26 Tiemco 100 >>
Thread: Black UTC 70 >>
Tail: Light Speckled Coq De Leon >>
Body: Stripped Olive Feather Quill Body >>
Wings: White India Hen Neck >>
Hackle: Black Whiting Rooster Cape >>

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