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Lime Trude Fly Tying Video Instructions

Lime Trude Fly Tying InstructionsThe Trude is a classic attractor dry fly and continues to be a favorite among many fly fishers.   The Trude is generally tied in two main colors: Lime (Chartreuse) and Royal (Red), but it can be tied in any color you like.  Some fly tiers get real crazy and add a splash of purple or pink into the tag of their Trude fly patterns!  The Trude is considered by many as one of the best dry fly attractors, but the Trude can actually make a pretty good Caddis imitation.  The Trude can be tied in many sizes and variations, making it one of most versatile dry flies ever created!  And did I mention it is a Brook Trout killer as well?!  Give it a try!

Lime Trude Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08-18 Tiemco 100SP-BL >> or Tiemco 100 >>
Thread: Black UTC 70 >>
Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippets >>
Body: Peacock Herl >>
Tag: Olive or Fl. Chartreuse UTC 140 >>
Wing: White Calf Tail >>
Hackle: Brown or Dark Barred Ginger Whiting Rooster Cape >> or Whiting 100 Pack >>

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