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Turneffe Crab

Turneffe Crab Fly Tying Video Instructions

Turneffe Crab Bonefish Fly Tying Instructions Belize BestThe Turneffe Crab (also known as the Belize Crab) is a incredible small crab pattern for Bonefish and Permit.  The Turneffe Crab is generally tied small, about a #6-#8 and really works well on picky Bonefish.  The Turneffe Crab in this video was tied in a Cream/Sand color.  But the Turneffe Crab is very effective in Tan, Brown and Olive.  Give the Turneffe Crab a try.  They are one of the easier crab patterns to tie and also one of the more effective!!

Turneffe Crab Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #06-08 Tiemco 811S >>
Thread: FL. Chartreuse UTC 140 >>
Eyes: Medium Plain Lead Eyes >>
Body: Cream, Tan, Brown or Olive Furry Foam >>
Legs: Natural Cream Round Rubber Legs >>
Wing/Head: Elk Hair >> or Coastal Deer Hair >>
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap >>

Also Used In This Fly Tying Video:
Bobbin: Marc Petitjean Bobbin >>
Vise: Regal Medallion Vise >>
Stacker: Griffin Hair Stacker >>
Scissors: DR Slick Hair Scissors >>
Whip Finisher: Umpqua Rotating Whip Finisher >>
Markers: Red and Black Copic Markers >>

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