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UV Buzzer Chironomid

UV Buzzer Chironomid Fly Tying Instructions

The UV Buzzer Chironomid is a life like stillwater Chironomid pattern.  The UV Buzzer can be tied in any color. Reds, greens and browns are the most common and often work the best in lakes.  The UV Buzzer is best when tied in sizes #12-18, but can be tied larger for the early season Chironomid hatches. The Buzzer Chironomid is fished suspended in lakes and can be moved very slowly to imitate and emerging adult.

UV Buzzer Chironomid Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #12-18 Tiemco 200R>>
Thread: UTC 70>>
Body: Midge Stretch Tubing>>
Body2: Loon UV Fly Finish>>
Thorax: UTC 70 Thread>>
Gills: Pink Rubber Leg>>
Gills2: White CDC Oiler Puff>>

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