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Vanilla Bugger

Vanilla Bugger Streamer Fly Tying Video Instructions

Vanilla Bugger Streamer Fly Tying VideoThe Vanilla Bugger is a variation of the classic Woolly Bugger.  The Vanilla Bugger uses Furry Foam for the body, instead of the traditional Woolly Bugger Chenille.  The Vanilla Bugger Streamer is a great imitation of a small trout, sucker minnow, juvenile crayfish or sculpin.  The Vanilla Bugger is a great trailer fly behind a larger streamer.  This tandem streamer method is very deadly on large brown and predatory rainbow trout.  Give one a try, you will not be disappointed!

Vanilla Bugger Streamer Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-12 Tiemco 5263 >>
Thread: Cream UTC 140 >>
Cone: Large Black Conehead >>
Weight: .020-.030 Lead Wire >>
Tail: Tan Extra Select Marabou >>
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash >>
Body: Cream Furry Foam >>
Rib: Copper Small Wire >>
Hackle: Whiting Coq De Leon >>

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