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WD-40 Fly Tying Instructions

The WD-40 Fly Pattern is a great small mayfly nymph.  Most people think that WD-40 stands for the lubricate and anti rust spray, the “WD” actually stands for wood duck.  Wood duck is used for the tail and the casing on the WD-40.  The WD-40 is made to imitate a small and slim profiled mayfly.  It is best tied in sizes #18-24.  The WD-40 is a great fly for tailwaters and picky trout!

The WD-40 works very well on picky fish.  This is because of the slim profile and the natural mottling on the wood duck.  This really brings out the “life” in the fly.  My favorite color is olive.  This is the most common color of small mayflies and always seems to catch me fish in tough situations.  Flashback can also be added to the WD-40, along with a small bead.

WD-40 Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #18-24 Tiemco 2487>>
Thread: UTC 70>>
Tail: Wood Duck Mallard Flank>>
Thorax: Olive Superfine Dubbing>>

Casing: Wood Duck Mallard Flank>>
Body: UTC 70 Thread>>

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