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WD-50 Fly Tying Instructions

The WD-50 is very close cousin to the WD-40.  Everything is the same on the WD-50 except for the flashback and the wood duck wing case.  The WD-50 can be tied in several different colors.  The most common colors are olive and tan.  The Wd-50 is a great fly for picky fish in tailwater rivers.  The WD-50 is also a great fly for a beginner to tackle!


The WD-50 imitates either a midge or a small mayfly nymph.  Both of which are slender in profile and usually very small.  The WD-50 is best when tied in sizes #18-24.  The WD-50 can be fished in the film, middle of the water column or deep on a nymph rig.


WD-50 Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #18-24 Tiemco 2487>>
Thread: UTC 70>>
Tail: Wood Duck Mallard Flank>>
Thorax: Superfine Dubbing>>
Casing: Narrow Flashback Material>>
Wing Casing: Wood Duck Mallard Flank>>
Body: UTC 70 Thread>>

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