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Yellow Sally Dry

Yellow Sally Dry Fly Tying Video Instructions

Yellow Sally Dry Fly Tying MaterialsThe Yellow Sally is a small, summer time stonefly.  The Yellow Sally typically hatches in the mid and late months of summer.  The Yellow Sally is a loved meal by all western trout, but a Sally hatch can be a frustrating hatch to fish.  Many anglers mistake the Yellow Sally for the must sparser and smaller PMD.  Although PMD patterns may fool some trout, a specific Yellow Sally imitation is often needed to fool the larger and wiser fish.  The Yellow Sally is usually a bit larger and bulkier than a PMD, ranging from sizes #12-16.  A must have in any summer time western trout fly box!

Yellow Sally Dry Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #12-16 Tiemco 100SP-BL >> or Tiemco 100 >>
Thread: Yellow UTC 70 >>
Body: Pale Yellow or PMD Superfine Dubbing >>
Tag: Red Ice Dub Dubbing >>
Wing: Bleached Elk Hair >>
Hackle: Dark Barred Ginger Whiting Rooster Cape >> or Whiting 100 Pack >>

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