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Zonker Streamer Fly Tying Video Instructions

Zonker Streamer Baitfish Trout Fly Tying RecipeThe Zonker Streamer is one of those classic flies that has survived the ages!  The Zonker can be tied in so many variations and colors, and will also catch a wide variety for fish species.  Initially designed to imitate a juvenile trout or baitfish, the Zonker Streamer also imitates leeches, crayfish, sucker minnows, fry or even can be dead drifted as a large stonefly!  The Zonker can be tied with or without a cone, bead or Fish Skull for more weight and flash.  Here we have tied the classic version for you!

Zonker Streamer Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #02-08 Tiemco 5263 >>
Thread: Red and Black UTC 140 >>
Weight: .020-.035 Lead Wire >>
Body: Small or Medium Pearl Minnow Body >>
Wing: Grizzly Zonker Rabbit Strip >>
Gills: Red Schlappen >>

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