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3 Essential Knot Tying Tools

3 Best Fly Fishing Knot Tying Tools

Three In One Knot Tying Tool

Three in One Knot Tying Tool
So what are the 3 best fly fishing knot tying aids?  We have tested many of them and have picked the three best tools on the market.  The number one fly fishing knot tool on the list is the 3 in 1 Knot Tier.  This little handy tool does it all!  It is the perfect tool for tying the Clinch Knot in just seconds!  Not only is it a knot tyer, but it is also a fly threader!  The 3 in 1 Knot Tier has a magnetic threader in the handle!  But that is not it, on the back of the tool is also a nail knot tying tool.  The nail knot tool is great for tying butt sections onto the end of a fly line.  This is truly a “do it all in one” knot tyer!  This knot tier and threader is hands down the best selling and easiest to use fly fishing knot tool.  So how do you use the three in one knot tier?  Below are 3 step by step videos on how to use the three in one knot ting tool.

Tie Fast Nail Knot Tool
Second fly fishing knot tool to make the list is the Tie Fast Nail Knot Tool.  This is the perfect tool for tying nail knots and attaching flies to your line.  I personally use this tool a ton!  I struggle with tying the perfect nail knot and this tool can do it for me!  I use it heavy on my saltwater fly fishing excursions and carp fly fishing rigs.  I like to “bomb proof” the tips of my fly line when I am tarpon fishing and this tool helps me get it done!  The TieFast Nail Knot Tyer is also the tool used to tie on butt sections and leaders onto the end for Fly Lines.  Many Fly Fishing Guides use Amnesia for their butt sections (to connect to the leader), and the TieFast Tool makes it easy to tie on!  Check out the video below on how to use the Tiefast Nail Knot Tying Tool.

20/20 Tippet and Fly Threader
Last, but not least, to make the list is the 20/20 Magnetic Fly Threader.  The 20 20 Tippet Threader is the perfect way to thread your small flies onto the line.  Even the best knot tying tool is worthless if you cannot thread the fly onto your line!  The 20/20 Tippet and Fly Threader solves this problem.  It is so easy to use, even a cave man can do it!  Simply place the eye of the fly in the slot and slide the tippet through!  That is it!  The 20/20 Magnetic Fly Threader works on nymphs, beadheads, streamers and dry flies.  The 20/20 Threader will also handle tippet from 0X all the way down to 7X.  The 20/20 Threader is ideal on flies sizes #22 and up, but can thread flies smaller than #22.  Check out the video below on how to use the 20/20 Magnetic Threader.

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