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Arkansas River Pueblo Report | Jan 31, 2012

Date: Jan 31, 2012
Flow: 62 CFS
Water Temp: 40 Degrees

Had a great morning on the Arkansas River today.  It began a little colder than this weekend.  Water temps were hovering around the low 40’s.  Over the past few months we have been getting a ton of nice rainbows, but no sign of big browns.  We have caught a few 10-14″ browns, but not many.  Finally and alligator showed up!

He was living in an area where a big brown should live.  A deep slot where there is no way to see the bottom.  My guess is there are others, they just hang out in areas where fly fisherman just cannot get to them.  I have always been a believer that if small browns are around, there are big ones in there!  There was a decent hatch this morning.  Some #18-20 black midges started coming off around 9am or so.  They little rainbows were all over them.   A black beauty emerger was the perfect fly.

Eggs and worms still continue to catch some of the larger fish, including the brown this morning.  They are no means the way to catch numbers, but the big fish seem to like a little meat.  As the temps continue to stay cooler, the majority of the fish will remain in the deeper water.  You will get a short feeding window from 9-12 when the fish do move up towards the head of the runs.  Still loving my Nomad Net.  Check out the review on it HERE.  Had no problem handling the big brown this morning!

Today I fished the Nature Center area.  Not an area I tend to fish a lot, but there is some great water there.  There is some distance between the good holes, but do not always overlook the shallower areas in between.  There a not usually huge fish in these areas, but there can be a ton of 12-14 inchers hanging around the rocks and cuts.

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