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Arkansas River Pueblo Report | Jan 26, 2012

Date: Jan 26, 2012
Flow: 61 CFS
Water Temp: 41 Degrees

Kyle and I were able to get out and fish the Arkansas below Puelbo today.  It was a day for big fish.  Normally the Arkansas gives up a healthy amount of small to medium size fish, but not today.  It was all about the big guys.  The weather was great, almost too good.  The sun was shining and most of the fish were not having it.  Kyle and I positioned ourselves in some deeper run and nymphed deep.  This was the ticket!


The fish were all over midges and eggs.  Midges still continue to the only hatch.  The Blue Winged Olives are, for the most part, over.  They will reappear once the water temps begin to rise again this spring.  The mornings have been cold, but they continue to be the most productive.  Once the sun gets high in the sky, the fish become more wary.  They still continue to eat and the midges hatch the strongest during the middle of the day.


The river continues to be in great health.  Fish are still clean and fat.  Today we fished the upper sections of the river, near the dam.  This area is what I call the Thatcher access, near the ponds.  This is also where the heaviest pressure is.  Most fly fisherman know of this area and frequent it regularly.  If you visit the river on a busy day, be polite.  Ask to fish near someone.  Kyle and I were nearly pushed out of a hole late in the day.  Thanks to Kyle holding his ground (and tongue) we kept fishing.  This is no way to make friends, just ask before you fish.

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