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Arkansas River Pueblo | May 3, 2012

Date: May 3, 2012
Flow: 300 CFS
Water Temp: 49-52 Degrees
Flies: #10-14 San Juan Worm, #18-20 Black Beauty, #18-20 Pheasant Tail, #08-10 Slumpbuster, #18-20 Rainbow Warrior

Had a great day on the Arkansas River in Pueblo today.  The flows are up, but dropping again.  The water has a little bit of color to it.  Today was not a day for big fish, but steady action though out the day.  Most of the fish were caught on a San Juan Worm and a Black Midge today.  We also caught a few fish on a Pheasant Tail as well.  There were a few risers later in the day.  Mostly small fish eating tiny midges.  Things are warming up in Pueblo.  It nearly hit 90 degrees today, but the water is still cool.  It was so warm, that the bull snakes are coming out to sun bathe.  This 6 footer nearly gave me a heart attack!

Later in the day, we had our fill of rainbows.  So I decided to go check out the ponds next to the river.  To my surprise, they were full of fish!   We saw everything from Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Bluegill, Shell Crackers, Carp, Catfish, some kind of mystery fish and 3 gold fish?  Thats right…goldfish!  At least that was my guess.  They were about 12-14 inches long and bright orange.  Tried to catch em, but they were not having it!  We were able to get a few bass, lots of shell crackers and bluegill.  One of the Smallmouth Bass was pretty decent!  Check out the pictures and video below.

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